Spirit Builders,Inc. services include:

Life Coaching ,Training ,& Certification

Our CEO, Irene Bernard, is a Life Coach Practitioner and Trainer, certified by CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance), a ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved organization. Our coaching services will help you identify and create strategies to navigate unresolved hurt, anger, and fear that are the source of why many do not advance towards their purpose in life.

Life Coaching is an approach that trains us to be intentional and  focused, while offering  methods that prompt us to change unwanted behavior. It is a “stand-alone” skill-set that can enhance your other gifts, talents, and skills.

Grief, Loss, & Trauma-Related Support Group & Counseling

We provide on-site support for organizations as well as individuals whom are suffering symptoms related to unresolved grief. The mind processes all loss in a similar manner as it does the loss of life. Our counselors and life coaches are trained, experienced, and credentialed professionals who offer compassionate care to allow you to safely acknowledge all areas of loss for the purposes of navigating the grief process in a healing way.

Spiritual Direction Workshops & Small Groups

Dr. Bernard ( May’16) considers herself to be a lifelong learner and seeker. She served as an active member of the Spiritual Directors organization both in Memphis,TN as well as the national chapter for several years. Although she is an ordained clergy member, her approach to guiding other seekers into a greater spiritual connection, exemplifies the respect she has for the needs and rights of individuals to find the God of their own understanding.

Business Savvy: Teen & Young Adult

As her final DMin ( Doctorate of Ministry) project, Dr. Bernard (May’16) created a program for adolescents and young adults ( ages 13 to 18) that integrates career identification and development with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in an effort to deter certain negative behaviors and prepare our youth for the workplace.