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Like with every new venture, we are full of excitement and anticipation. This blog along was designed to help unravel the mysteries of who we are, our purpose and passions, advancement delays, and the source of self-defeating feelings.

Let’s start by examining this intriguing word, “process.” The word process is partially defined as progression. Here is the intriguing point about it; progress (and process) involves moving towards the good or positive aspects of life as well as bad or negative influences. No matter which path our process takes us through, the word will always point towards a progressive movement towards something. This helps us understand the duality of the word process. On the one hand, it can be encouraging as it points us in a positive direction, advancing us forward.  While on the other hand, the same word could just as easily signify a direction toward actions that might advance us towards a less favorable position or purpose. Same word, same definition, different results.

There will be times when we must brave some uncomfortable areas in life. Whether the process points towards good or bad, the results are an accumulation of progressive movements.

Process is the “sum total of actions used as a vehicle to get you where you want to go.” A negative experience can be a positive experience depending on how you maneuver the course until the end. That is exactly what we are about…helping you maneuver the course.

The results of any process are not determined by the direction our paths point us towards or by the various methods we might employ. The important aspect of any process is that we become willing and active to the series of events we are exposed to.  There is always the opportunity to change strategies once you have started but you must start.

The goal of this blog is to encourage, educate, and enable you to start and continue whatever process life has brought you. Spirit Builders: It’s A Process offers 12 principles to help us move through process towards purpose and passion.

Why is purpose and passion so important? Because, these two fuel inspiration for our lives. Now you may disagree with me but I have found that many of us have struggles and concerns in one area or another but when we find and pursue our passion and purpose it stabilizes many of those fears.

Personally, I am going through a rather lengthy and difficult transition or process in several areas of my life. Each week I will be working along with others of you as we delve into one of the twelve principles to guide us towards peace and resolution to the various processes we are encountering.

Now a little bit about us and The Process

Spirit Builders, Inc. helps clients identify and navigate unresolved issues for advancement towards purpose and passion. We are professional licensed counselors, certified Life Coaches, Spiritual Directors, and transitional consultants. We are an eclectic group bound by the same mission.

We believe everyone has a purpose and passion in life. It’s unresolved issues like hurt, anger, and fear that cloud our vision and obscure our path along the way. As the founder, CEO, and lead facilitator of Spirit Builders, Inc. I have watched clients lose hope and momentum soon after the first stages of most processes. What begins as zeal and excitement towards an expected end soon turns to disappointment, discouragement, and derailment. This has been a personal struggle of mine during the various stages of development of some of our organizational programming. Disappointment became a trigger for old, self-defeating behaviors to arise.

Through prayer and research, I found a fusion of faith and science, that will modify self-defeating thoughts and negative behaviors and it’s all a part of “The Process.”

Armed with this information, I began to consider the culture we live in and became painfully aware that we live in an age where microwave food is considered a proper meal and the knowledge to do anything is only one Google entry away.

we have grown to be an impatient, untrusting, greedy society. We believe that just as fast as Google can answer our online requests …without any real investment of our time or years of research or study; we have morphed into individuals who seek the quick, fast, easy route to our destinies.

We want change and we want it now. However, the best connoisseur will tell you that the finer things in life will not…cannot… come at lightning speed. There was and remains a process we must go through.

Life is a process…

So many of us have settled for second-class, imitation lives because we have bought into the cultural lie that any lengthy process must be a waste of time. The truth may take longer to prevail than a lie but it stands and endures the test of time.  Truths like the best, proven method to lose weight and keep it off is add exercise and cut back on calories, stand forever. During an era where one can choose to cut it out, suck it out, or take pills and lay it out; when it’s all said and done the truth of a healthy diet and exercise continues to reign. That basic truth stands and so does the truth that the best, proven method of changing self-defeating thoughts and behaviors is to increase self-awareness and destroy dysfunctional beliefs. It’s simple but yet it’s a process.

Let’s try this

Instead of cringing at the thought of going through a process let’s learn to do more than go through. Let’s embrace the process. When we grab a hold of the process itself and strive to be present during every step then we reap a 2-fold blessing. The process is a journey towards something and being present allows us to benefit from the journey as well as the receiving the benefits of the intended goal.

Consider what might happen if we look at each step of the process as a series of mini-goals? Then with the complete of every step there will be a sense of accomplishment.

“The Process” is the difference between a microwave dinner and a dinner grandma made that took several hours. Believe me, she was present at every stage and she enjoyed every minute of it. Because she endured the process like a good soldier, we reap the tasty benefits of a healthy, home cooked meal. Our stories of hope and accomplishment create Spirit Builders out of us and that becomes the tasty benefits we offer others in need.

I’d like to share a story with you. 

I love Butterflies. I have an affinity for them. I fell in love with them years ago, when I was pregnant, discouraged, broke, and confused about the direction my life had taken. In fact being pregnant was the one good thing I could remember about this period of my life. I was sitting in the den early one morning and I had what some would call an epiphany and what others would call a God moment. A beautiful butterfly ever so delicately floated by our window. The sight of it struck me and set me in awe… Suddenly I knew that I would spring forth just like that butterfly. That was a great moment of inspiration for me but as time would have it, hope and expectation began to wane. I prayed and spent time in meditation attempting to recapture that feeling of confidence I received that morning. However, the zeal of that day was fast becoming a memory.

So I began to study the butterfly in hopes of rekindling that fire. Most of the information I read had more to say about the process it took to become a butterfly than about the butterfly itself. I was intrigued to say the least. Nevertheless, the one thing that renewed my hope was that if the butterfly receives outside help or assistance to help push its way through the cocoon, it would lose strength and in most cases die.

The struggle of the butterfly’s wings forcing their way through an enclosure, once considered a safe haven that allows a fluid to work its way into those wings, to provide the strength for it to fly.

So was my God moment a fluke? Of course not…what I saw that day was the result of what my life would exhibit if I continued “The Process.” Not giving up because it appears that I don’t have the help or resources that I assume others have, but embracing the knowledge that this journey is the struggle that is strengthening me to fly.

  • That’s just one of the many processes, my Higher Power whom I choose to call God, has brought me through. I didn’t go through these processes alone and neither will you. Each week we will explore one of the 12 principles in the devotional-guided journal to help strengthen you through whatever process you may be experiencing now in your life. Some of you may have several processes you are maneuvering. You can always repeat and apply the principles to each specific instance but for the best results consider one process at a time. If you do not realize that you are in the process of anything, consider a goal or accomplishment you desire. This does not have to be some monumental project. Examples include( but are not exclusive):
  • changing a negative or criticizing attitude
  • Work through anger, guilt, or un-forgiveness
  • Diminish procrastination or shame
  • lose weight, gain clients
  • Be more assertive…

You name it and meet me right here next week to begin our work together as we start “The Process” towards our expected ends.