Growth-Wellness Programs

Life Coaching is designed to steer you through troubled areas of life, “jump-start” you through stagnant ones and help you with finding and developing your passion. It is a nationally recognized form of nurturing, and self-help counseling.  If it’s important to you, we can develop a group session for it. Just invite enough people to meet our minimun requirement and schedule a location and time.

Participants engage in a small group ( 5-10) for 2-3 months.

 Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly  @ 5.00 per person per meeting 

Examples of Group Topics include:

“Building Me”finding your “true” passion & purpose

“Addicted to Love”Identifying unhealthy relationships and behaviors

“Who is God?’ – Spiritual direction for those who question their faith 

“Sunshine & Rain”- how to effectively navigate the good times and the bad, understanding what to do with emotions

Conquering the Job Syndrome”- traditional and non-traditional grief and loss ( loss of functionality, status, familiarity, job, pet, as well as a loved one)

Reel-Theraphy - Movies utilized to open discussion on delicate topics

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