Business Building

Development and Growth Programs :

 ”for aspiring & existing Business Owners/Managers”

 Business Savvy


 (For Aspiring Business Leaders)

3 hr workshop includes materials and light lunch -15.00 per person


( for business owners & managers)

Expanding THE vision -  Strategies for restoration and restructuringion of existing businesses; includes employee retention and motivation

Market Refresh - new strategies to reacquaint your target market withyour products & services; inlcudes social network marketing.

Build-N- the Team – workshops for employee motivation; includes “How to deal with angry clients” and “Customer Service Royale.” Separate sessions for managment includes role-playing, workbooks, & discussion concerning   conflict resolutions & employee retention.

3hr workshop includes Workbook and Light Lunch-15.00 per person

Call & Schedule any of the above workshops at your Office, Church or or workplace. 


Private Coaching Sessions Available Upon Request – 1st hour FREE! 25.00 per hr for advance scheduling.

Busines Savvy Small GroupsSmall groups held across the city at various locations. Meets once weekly for 1. to 2 hrs for  a 6 week cycle. Addresses all aspects of preparing a Business Plan and/or Grant Proposal. Fee: 5.00 per person, wkly. Plus materials

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