About Us


Our Mission

The goal of Spirit Builders is to help people navigate unresolved hurt, anger, and fear through to  purposeful and productive lives. 

We believe EVERYONE is a leader in some respect, whether the “call” or life’s passion is for a full-time homemaker or corporate executive. Our Mission is 

To equip potential and existing leaders, with educational, emotional and/or spiritual support  for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle; for  an increase in quality leadership and  influential reach.


Our Vision

Is to fulfill our mission through collaborative efforts with schools, businesses, churches, and other non-profits in an ongoing endeavor to develop and nurture leaders for the betterment of the greater community. We want people to know the possibilities that lie past the  traumatic events that cause unresolved hurt, anger, and fear .


We desire to certify other passionate leaders through a nationally accredited program; to send additional qualified and passionate leaders into ministry and the marketplace, for the wellness and growth of our communities. ( vision fulfilled April 2013!!!!)

Our Vision is to Help Build You!

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