Spirit Builders,Inc was created in 1998 by Irene Bernard, the founder and CEO of this unique faith-based organization. Our Articles of Corporation were accepted by the state of Tennessee in 2003 and we were recognized by the Federal Government in 2004 as a 501c3, non-profit entity.
It took us years to determine how to market our niche, not because we weren’t clear of our path but because we knew we had something unique and special. We knew we were called to serve in the capacity of “Building” others and in order to do so , we would have to search their foundations for cracks and other compromises. Our approach evolved through several years of study, prayer,reflection, and observation.
We came to understand that many of us have made compromises throughout our lives which have kept us from achieving our full potentials. There were periods in our lives when compromises were necessary but we don’t have to allow compromises to permanently derail us from our ultimate goals, passion, and purpose in life.

Spirit Builders,Inc was created to help us identify and navigate unresolved issues so we can get “back on track.” Browse our site, like our FB page, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest, stay connected and visit one of events. Our evidence based approach has helped many and our desire is to help build you.