Spirit is the essential principle influencing a person, an inclination, impulse, or tendency of a specified kind, a specific frame of mind. It is a mental disposition characterized by firmness or assertiveness. It is a vital part of our humanity and it is essential to our overall health, growth, and wellness.

Spirit Builders…

a non-profit, organization created to help people navigate unresolved hurt, anger, and fear in an attempt to live a more purposeful and productive life.

We Help Build Your Spirit

We believe everyone is born with  a unique blend of gifts and talents waiting to be released and groomed. However, traumatic events, that sometimes lead to addictive lifestyles, and life in general will hinder their proper development. The results are a life that never reaches full potential. Our goal is to help you identify and navigate unresolved hurt, anger, and fear so that your full potential can be realized.

We will help Build Leaders

We believe some Leaders are born and others are created, but all wise leaders will seek, employ, and integrate education, information, and spirituality in order to produce a balanced and fulfilling life of growth and wellness.


“We Build Leaders for Ministry and the Marketplace” 

Our trained team of Life Coaches and counselors, are ready and available to work with Health Care Professionals, Social Workers, Organizational heads,pastors, ministry leaders,entrepreneurs, adolescents, team members and their leaders walk into their potential and become successful, effective leaders.

We Build Across the Region and Nation

We help build leadership by empowering Faith Communities  to help alleviate the stigma associated with mental illnesses.  As a regional consultant for Pathways-2-Promise Mental Health Organization,( http://www.pathways2promise.org/), Irene Bernard facilitates congregational training across the Mid-south region.

Rev. Bernard certifies Life Coaches across the U.S as an affiliate of the Rhema International  Training Group Inc.(http://www.expresscoaching.net). As a Certified Life Coach Practitioner and Trainer, Irene will  provide you with the best in quality training  and resources. 

We are here to Help Build You


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