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Spirit Builders, Inc. was created to help us identify, challenge, and change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors so we can live life on purpose, in pursuit of our ultimate purpose and passion. It was created to help build leaders.

0ur services include professional counseling , life coaching, and spiritual direction. Take time to: Browse our site, like our FB page, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest. Stay connected and visit one of sponsored events. Our evidence based approach has helped many and our desire is to help build you.

What can Spirit Builders do for you?

Dr. Irene Bernard, Founder

Dr. Irene Bernard, the founder and CEO, created Spirit Builders, Inc. in 1998. The state of Tennessee accepted the Articles of Corporation in 2003 and in 2004 we became a 501c3, faith-based non-profit entity. During those early years, our mission was to Empower, Encourage, & Educate new and aspiring leaders. Our challenge quickly evolved into redefining new and aspiring leaders. Although, we firmly believe that everyone is a leader within their context, we soon realized that unresolved hurt, anger, and fear, caused many to compromise or abandon their dreams and aspirations. Through a lengthy, diverse educational background, and prayerful reflection, Dr. Bernard sought a self-help strategy to advance her own life toward purpose. It is through this evolving multi-discipline approach that she empowers, encourages, and educates others into their destiny.
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